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Owen R. Murray Photography

Photography Equipment

We use Nikon professional cameras and lenses

2 Nikon D800 full-frame professional cameras

Nikon D700 full-frame professional camera


Professional F/2.8 lenses for full-frame cameras

14-24mm f/2.8-Nikon's professional and best wide angle lens available.

24-70mm f/2.8-Nikon's professional all around standard lens.

70-200mm VRII f/2.8-Telephoto-Possibly Nikon's best lens ever made.

15mm f/2.8-Sigma for Nikon special purpose extreme wide angle for 180 degree views.

50mm f/1.4-Prime Sigma lens for Nikon for low light situations.

85mm f/1.4-Prime Sigma lens for Nikon for low light situations.

Other lens used for special purposes include a Nikon 24mm Tilt/Shift for Architecture, 150-500mm for sports and wildlife,

We use up to six Nikon SB-900 speedlights as the shoot dictates.

Professional full-frame camera equipment and professional lenses make a big difference in the quality of the images.  Don't trust your important photo shoots to "amateur" equipment.

Please contact us to discuss a project and availability.


Owen R Murray


Cell 602 770-0785


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Owen R Murray

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Except as noted, ALL photos on this Web site were taken by Owen R Murray.  Scottsdale, Arizona.  
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