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Roses start blooming again in Phoenix in late September as the nights start to cool off after about 100 long days of very hot days and nights.  Cool nights followed by warm morning sunshine makes for beautiful blossoms.

The first Lily to bloom in Spring season 2006

Dahlia is a bulb (tuber) from the Aster Family.  There are some 30 species of tuberous-rooted Dahlia perennials. There are thousands of hybrids.  Some Dahlia flowers are as big as a dinner plate.  The blossoms  shown above are about 3 inches across and the plant stands about 18 inches high.  They bloom in March and April, in Phoenix.  They will die down and come back next year.  The photo on the above left was enhanced with Photoshop to emphasize the lines.
Click on any photo to see it larger.

Click on any photo to see it larger.

Paper Whites, Narcissus Ziva are grown from bulbs.  They are easy to "force".  Just store the bulbs in the refrigerator (away from fruit) for 8-12 weeks then plant indoors or anytime outdoors in AZ.  In just a few weeks you will have flowers like in this photo.

Ice Plant, Also called Baby Sun Rose.  This  succulent is originally from South Africa.  The flowers are about 2 inches across and close up after the sun passes them.  This is Robyn's favorite flower and she "talks" to it every day.

French Perfume Rose is one of most fragrant roses of all.  The blossom lasts just a few days and the petals color changes every day.  As it opens the yellow color disappears.

    Click on any photo to see it larger.

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