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Inderal anxiety medication, and antipsychotics, the number of people being diagnosed each year with schizophrenia in Britain has fallen by nearly half since 2002, the University of Reading said. Around 11,700 people aged 12 and above were now being treated with antipsychotic medication, down from 22,300 people in 2002, the researchers said. There is no good evidence for effectiveness of antipsychotics and concerns inderal online uk have been expressed about a rise in social isolation associated with the use of drugs. "While some forms of treatment are no longer considered essential, there are still a number of drugs available which can be used to manage their impact," said the scientists from University's Division of Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience in the United Kingdom and Sweden. "Although this means many people still receive treatment which does not provide adequate support or prevention, the numbers seeking support have been significantly reduced for the first time in past decade." They wrote in the Journal of Medical Ethics: "Our results could not be explained away by any change in the type or number of patients presenting with mental illness to the health services. Moreover, we found no evidence that either diagnosis grew or shrank." However, the authors called for further research into the number of people diagnosed with the schizophre