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    Information for Event Planners

We specialize in photography for corporate events, conferences, team builders, golf events and grand openings.  We no longer shoot weddings, family groups, anniversaries or out-of-town events.

Costs for Photography Services:

Events in Scottsdale or Phoenix Metro Area:
$200 minimum charge for up to two hours photography time.  The hourly charge over two hours is $100 per hour.  Example: Four hours = $400, Eight hours = $800.

The hourly photography rate includes basic photo processing using Photoshop Lightroom 4.  If more extensive photo editing is required the editing charge is $60 per hour.

Client receives unlimited usage and royalty free rights for all photos delivered for the project. 

Client receives JPEG photo files on disc in High Resolution (300dpi) or the finished photos can be delivered through an Online drop box or both methods ($25 if both methods are selected).

Optional "Smiles" Slideshow for Events
As an option for event planners, we will produce a slideshow for your final night's dinner showing highlights of the previous day(s) events and smiling faces.  This is for corporate events taking place over several days.  The final slideshow will include selected photos taken on previous days.  The length of the slideshow is typically 5-15 minutes showing 100-250 of the best photos taken the previous days.  Photos from current day won't be shown because they need to be processed which typically takes 24 hours.  We will coordinate with your event sound technician for music you provide to be played during the slideshow.  You must provide the music, we provide the computer and slideshow. The cost to prepare and display the slideshow is $200.  We can also deliver a MP4 video copy of the final slideshow without music, when the final photos are delivered at a cost of $50 for recording.

Optional Headshots
Group and individual portraits and headshots can be included as part of a corporate event at the usual rate.  If a special background is requested requiring a setup of stands and backdrop, the background setup fee is $100.

Optional Retouching for Portraits
For portraits, minor retouching is included in the hourly rate.  If after viewing your headshots (portraits), you can request additional retouching for your selected portraits at $20 each. 

Information on Photo equipment we use for your project
and why it is an important consideration.

Contact us for your next event or project to see if we are available. 

We are accepting a limited number of photo shoots.

Owen R Murray

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Owen R Murray

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