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Panama 1981

Below are a few photos from my two week visit to Panama as part of my military training in 1981. The Canal was opened August 15, 1914 after many years of work and politics.

(Click on photo to see it larger)
Above: Photo taken in 1981, the Oil tanker Overseas Ohio is waiting to enter Miraflores Locks. In 1994, the Overseas Ohio struck an iceberg in Prince William Sound Alaska. The accident damaged Her forepeak tank which is a ballast tank. Because the tank was a ballast tank, no oil was spilled. Thanks goes to Don Bodron with his help on the technical details. Also visit this link to see the damage to the Overseas Ohio after it struck the iceberg at this link: http://www.dec.state.ak.us/spar/images/gallery/overseasohio/index.htm

Above: The administration building for Miraflores Locks. The date on the building is 1913. Miraflores Locks are one set of three locks on the canal. Miraflores is the nearest to the Pacific Ocean and the tallest of the locks. The tide on the Pacific side varies a lot more than on the Atlantic side.

Above Left: The bridge turns and the hand rail lowers when the lock is opened.
Above Right: The ship waits in the lock for the water to enter or drain. No pumps are used. The water fills or drains using gravity.

More than 14,000 ships pass through the Panama Canal each year.

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