Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The largest natural bridge in the world

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Rainbow Bridge National Monument is the largest natural bridge in the world with a span of 275 feet being formed by erosion of water around and underneath the bridge over thousands of years. The bridge is protected by the National Park Service as a national monument and is very isolated.  You can reach the bridge by a very strenuous two-day backpacking trip or by a 100 mile round-trip boat ride from Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell.  Then depending upon the water level of Lake Powell, you must hike 1-2 miles from the boat dock to reach the bridge.   It is considered a sacred place by Navajos and other Native Americans.  Signs and the Ranger on duty reminds you not to walk under the bridge out of respect for this sacred place.  You may walk up to the bridge and take photos, you just can't walk under or on the bridge itself. 

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