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Sammy Hagar's Number One Fan!

"Special Needs" Fan Has Time of Her Life! 
Thanks Sammy

Robyn Had the time of her life at the Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Concert in Las Vegas.  Thanks goes to Sammy Hagar for his kindness to everyone. 

Robyn will never forget this!  Thank you Sammy!

Robyn of Scottsdale Arizona and her Red Rocker Hero Sammy Hagar.

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    Above Left Mona from Sammy's Band

Above: Steve from Journey talking to Robyn            David presenting Robyn a signed Tshirt by Sammy

Ever since Robyn met Sammy Hagar backstage before a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, she wanted to visit Cabo Wabo.  We planned a special trip over the Christmas vacation to Cabo San Lucas and a few other Mexican cities via the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship.

The following photos were taken during Robyn's visit to Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina.  We understand that Sammy was in town during our visit but we were unable to actually have Robyn meet him again.  As you can see from the photos, she had a wonderful time.

All large cruise ships that visit Cabo San Lucas set anchor in the harbor and passengers are transported to the dock using tenders.  The day we visited Cabo San Lucas, on the Diamond Princess (ship on the left), the Holland America Line cruise ship Ossterdam, (ship on the right) was also in the harbor..

We walked from the dock to Sammy's Cabo Wabo.  As soon as Robyn saw Cabo Wabo she got all excited and yelled out like she just won!  She screamed "That's it!"

We arrived just before Cabo Wabo opened up and Robyn made instant friends with security and told him that she was "here to see Sammy!!!"

The staff at Cabo Wabo was great and very happy to show Robyn around and make her feel welcome. 

After several hours of looking at everything and eating a great burrito, it was time to head back to the ship.

Thank you to everyone at Cabo Wabo.

The Cabo Wabo Souvenir Shop

  Robyn picked out some of her favorite souvenirs.


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