Owen R Murray

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Hawaii 2007 Is diclofenac sodium available over the counter Sunsets China 1979 Panama 1981
Rainbow Bridge Ntl Monument Sunflowers
San FranciscoFamily July 8 2009

Sammy Hagar Noelle

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Desert Cactus Blossoms
These cactus flowers open at night and then close as the morning sun shines on them.

Nine Photos

Above: The Grand Canyon as viewed from the North Rim Lodge was featured in the Arizona Republic Newspaper travel section.
North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park

North Rim Grand Canyon
"The Road Less Traveled"

North Rim (33 photos)

The remoteness of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon makes it a special place. Only about 10-18 miles separate the North and South Rims as the crow flies. There are two ways to get to the North Rim from the South Rim.Hike down and back out for a total of 23 miles or drive the 215 miles that separate the two rims. Significantly fewer people visit the North Rim which is open only 6 months of the year due to snow fall at the 8500+ foot elevation. The North Rim receives more precipitation and is cooler than the South Rim. While on the road from Jacob Lake, we saw more than a dozen wild turkeys and numerous deer and bison.

Many of the named rock formations in the canyon are on the North side of the Colorado River, making them more prominent when seen from the North Rim. For all these reasons, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is our preferred destination.

Monsoon Sunset
Tournament Players Club

Late-Summer fast-moving monsoon storms
result in great opportunities for beautiful sunsets.
The TPC golf course is a beautiful place and
adds to the beauty of a sunset.

Thanks to the TPC staff for allowing me access
to take these pictures. Too bad I am not a golfer!

Sunset Photos (12 photos)

More Sunset Photos (30 photos)

More Sunset Photos (6 photos)

Colorado River and Lake Powell near Page, AZ

Page, AZ area photos (7 photos)

In Memory of Nolan Robert Murray
Born April 1, 2009-Died August 13, 2009
He will always be missed but he will never be forgotten
Nolan's Photos 1 2 3

Chihuly: The Nature of Glass
Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

The outdoor installation of glass sculptures at the Desert Botanical Garden is a must see, in person. Photographs of the inspiring designs don't tell the entire story of Dale Chihuly's remarkable work. Chihuly, born in 1941, is an outstanding artist and probably the most influential artist in the area of blown glass.

Chihuly Glass (60 Photos)

Above: The Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in the Beagle Channel near Ushuaia, Argentina was featured in the Arizona Republic Newspaper travel section.

South America and the Land at the End of the Earth

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Santiago, Valparaiso, and Puerto Montt, Chile (21 photos)

Pio XI Glacier, Punta Arenas, Chile, and Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), Argentina (45 photos)

Cape Horn, Falkland Islands, and Montevideo, Uruguay (30 photos)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (39 photos)

US Navy Blue Angels

US Navy Blue Angels at Fleet Week

US Navy Blue Angels (59 photos)

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American Bald Eagle in Alaska

Alaska Adventure

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